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If you're a fan of nonhuman women, this is the place for you! We accept everything from aliens to mutants to demons and more! As long as they don't look too human you can submit them here.
We accept all kinds of art, both PG and mature, in any medium.

A xenowoman is a female that looks foreign, strange or alien compared to humans. That does not include female animals, real or imaginary unless they have some humanoid traits.
If you submit anything that doesn't fit with the theme we will deny it.

:bulletblue: Join submissions are open and auto approved for Members.

:bulletblue: All art is accepted as long as it is female and visibly non-human.
:bulletblue: This group is for female identified individuals
:bulletblue: Your work must feature at least one xenowoman. This means that drawings of couples or group shots will be accepted as long as there is at least one xenowoman present.
:bulletblue: If you are unsure if your deviation will be accepted or where to submit it, you can check out the gallery if there are similar pieces or not, and you can always ask:)
:bulletblue: Submit any OC's in the proper folder, like if you have an OC from Star Trek then submit them in the Star Trek folder.
:bulletblue: If your submission was denied it most likely did not fit the theme of the group or the characters xenofeatures might not have been shown well, i.e. if it's an elf with her hair covering her long ears etc.

Here are some examples of what kind of art we do NOT accept:
:bulletred: Art of humans or animals (real or imaginary), unless there is a xenowoman present.
:bulletred: Art of mutants like Storm or Jean Gray from "X-men". While they are mutants, they still look human.
:bulletred: Aliens that look exactly like humans, like the humans from "Star Wars" or the Sebaceans from "Farscape" etc.
:bulletred: Vampires that look like humans, for example like the ones from "Twilight" who just have different eye colors.
:bulletred: While some characters like Maleficent or Poison Ivy, can vary in their depictions in art from human to green skin or pale, we would only accept the deviations that show an unnatural skin color and not the art that depict them with a human skin color.

Here are some exceptions of what we would accept:
:bulletgreen: Vampires, as long as they don't look like humans, for example like the vampires from "Buffy" or "From dusk till dawn".
:bulletgreen: Elves, all kinds.
:bulletgreen: Art of mutants and superheroes like Mystique from "X-men", since she doesn't look human.
:bulletgreen: Well known aliens or other beings that sometimes look human or are disguised as humans, like Diana from "V" or Serleena from "Men In Black 2".

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Beauty comes in many forms
Founded 4 Years ago
Mar 20, 2013


1,695 Members
1,975 Watchers
244,861 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Xeno Woman 2 by annemaria48
Xeno  woman by annemaria48
SWTOR: At The Beach by JupiterBlossem
Angels, women with wings
Fairy Svedka by CatkinSvedka
the many wings by dollieguts
Awaken by nicetsukichi

Mature Content

Goddess of Impure Love by Ayato-Inverse
Anthropomorphic animal characters

Mature Content

Pihla! Bunny Form! by MuffinSquirt

Mature Content

Anae/Nude* by PustyXoX
Anae from Bloody-Blade Clan. (New OC) by PustyXoX
DD preview: The Summoning by hattonslayden
Comicbook women and the movie versions
scratch behind her ears by pureblood123
Fairy Tale by Casentine
She Hulk's Bra by Osmar-Shotgun
She-Hulk (Marvel) by FeydRautha81
Crossovers of any kind
Busty alien soldie lady by kondaspeter1

Mature Content

Funny nude girls by kondaspeter1
Commission: Honey Bee as Mercy by R-Legend
Demons, succubi and the likes
The Wrong Alley by LeftHand-Black
Devil under the light by FredericoEscorsin

Mature Content

Strawberry Cheesecake by Genyun

Mature Content

What about me? by blackwoodwitch
Disney xenowomen
Kida by Andrzej5056
Tinker Bell's Pixie New Year by ARTIST-SRF
Queen Of Hearts by Lora-Vysotskaya
Snake Jasmine - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics
Elves and fairies
Solar Wind Fae by theogroen
lake elf by jei6x
Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail by deehkunXD
Megara by x-shadow-raven-x
Cortana by cyanthree
Please, John. I need you. by Rookie425
Siga by keldeomasters
''Big, Blue and Delicious!'' by GRANDBigBird
Hellraiser Cenobites, Tortured Souls
Gazing into Infinity by Hoppitty
Insectoid women
Aracne by MiguelRegodon
Legend of Zelda
Midna by benzedrineaddiction
Mass Effect

Mature Content

Mass Effect: Asari by g1pno
Misc folder, for any other xenowomen

Mature Content

Armors by Tuntalm
Orcs trolls gargoyles goblins

Mature Content

Nina Feets by LiveForTheFunk
Other aliens
Peridot by Irotciv
Other mythological beings
Jean the Changeling by Pikuna
Other TV shows, movies, games
Oz 10 by Mary-Margret
Plant-ladies, dryads
Rosa canina by Jessica-Prando

Mature Content

EotU Eyecatchers - Attea 1 by StoneMan85
Silent Hill
Silent Hill - Nurse cosplay by Yukilefay
Slime and goo girls

Mature Content

Melting Candy by yooi
Star Trek

Mature Content

Classic 18 by TrekkieGal
Star Wars
Twi'lek cosplay by Nebulaluben
The Last of the Xel'Naga by ArianeVass
A Lot You Don't Know About Humans by VioletteTheViolent
Synthetic women

Mature Content

Welcome back boss(Underwear version) by Infernox-Ratchet
The Elder Scrolls
Spriggan by AllyEdFrown
Vampires and undead beings
COMMISSION: Hypno Vampire by Shono
World of warcraft
Ysera the Dreamer by Candra
Xenomorphs and Yautja
Jade Chan VS xenomorphs - .44 Auto Mag pistol by Derracias-35
Contest 1

Mature Content

Beach Invaders by Grrriva
Contest 2
Azora Wallpaper- Winter Lounge Edition 1.1 by OwyiSensei


Although the weather outside may be frightful, the art inside is delightful :) Thanks to all members for your amazing artwork, and to :iconindiliel: and :iconethakar: for their admin work on the group!
:santa: :xmas:
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